Spatial relationship in interaction between glacier and permafrost in different mountainous environments of high and mid latitudes, based on GPR research

Wojciech Dobinski, Mariusz Grabiec, Bogdan Gądek


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys were conducted on both the glaciers and their forefields in the Tatra Mountains, Northern Scandinavia and on Spitsbergen – between the 49° and 77° latitudes. The results show that the glacial and periglacial environments interpenetrate. Permafrost is present in the glacier, and glacial ice may occur in the periglacial environment. What is common for both the environments is the perennial melting point surface, with the temperature close to 0°C. In the glacier it is the boundary of the cold-temperate transition surface and on the forefield – permafrost base.



Scandinavia, Spitsbergen, Tatra Mts., glacier – permafrost relationship

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