Isotopic events in the Early/Middle Badenian (Miocene) of the Upper Silesia Basin (Central Paratethys)

Małgorzata Gonera, Krzysztof Bukowski


Middle Miocene foraminifera from the Skawina Formation of the Upper Silesia Basin have been analysed. The stable oxygen and carbon isotope signatures in Globigerinoides quadrilobatus (shallow pelagic), Globigerina bulloides (deeper pelagic) and Uvigerina spp. (benthic) tests show a temporal pattern of changes in the sections studied. The foraminiferal assemblage biozones of the Badenian that were identified earlier, on the basis of taxonomic composition, correspond to changes in the foraminiferal  d18O and d13C values. The CPN7/CPN8 transition – as on the Moravian/Wielician border – is marked by distinct isotopic events: a d18O  increase (IIAB/IIC boundary) followed by a d13C decrease (IIC/IID boundary)



Middle Miocene; Wielician; Paratethys; foraminifera; stable isotopes

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