New investigations into Early Vistulian site at Białowice (Zielona Góra area, SW Poland)

Teresa Kuszell, Kamilla Klaczak, Ewa Bartczak


The Białowice site is situated in the north-west of the Nowa Sól Depression which is part of the Central Poland Lowlands. Palynological analysis shows that lake and swamp accumulations took place in the Early Vistulian. Two warm interstadial-rank oscillations (Brörup and Odderade) and a stadial (Rederstall) have been distinguished during the Early Vistulian. The sequence of changes at Białowice is similar to the sequences in profiles from other parts of Poland and Western Europe. Until now, in that region of Poland the vegetation succession of the Brörup and Odderade had remained unknown. The lithology of the profile at Białowice shows rapid changes of sedimentation which have been observed in the younger part of the Brörup and at the Brörup/Rederstall transition. Geological and palynological data suggests that the maximum limit of the Vistulian Glaciation to the south of the Żary Hills.



late Quaternary deposits, Western Poland, Early Vistulian, vegetation and climate changes, palynology

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