Badenian tuffite levels within the Carpathian orogenic front (Gdów-Bochnia area, Southern Poland): radio-isotopic dating and stratigraphic position

Krzysztof Bukowski, Arjan de Leeuw, Malgorzata Gonera, Klaudia F. Kuiper, Piotr Krzywiec, Danuta Peryt


We present new results of investigation of Middle Miocene Badenian tuffite levels exposed in Southern Poland within the Gdów "embayment" area (tuffites from Wiatowice, upper part of the Skawina Beds, foraminiferal biozone IIg) and compare them with the well known and extensively described Bochnia Tuffite level at Chodenice near Bochnia (upper part of the Chodenice Beds, foraminiferal biozone IIIA). The 40 Ar/39 Ar ages of the glass separates obtained from these layers were determined applying (standard) incremental heating techniques the Wiatowice and Bochnia tuffites have been dated to be 13.76 +/-0.08 Ma, and 13.62 +/-0.10 Ma old, respectively.


Miocene; Badenian; Carpathian Foredeep; tuffites; dating

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