Eemian and Vistulian pollen sequence at Kubłowo (Central Poland):implications for the limit of the Last Glacial Maximum

Małgorzata Roman, Zofia Balwierz


The Kubłowo site is situated in the southeastern Kujawy region, Central Poland, and slightly to the south of the limit of the Last GlacialMaximum (LGM) in the Vistula Lobe. Late Pleistocene lacustrine and peat deposits found there have been analyzed for their pollen content. The pollen sequence from Kubłowo records the longest continuous succession of vegetation covering the Eemian Interglacial, EarlyVistulian and the lower part of the Plenivistulian in Central Poland. In the Early Vistulian two warm (Brörup and Odderade) and two cool(Herning and Rederstall) intervals have been distinguished. The next three climatic oscillations correspond to the Schalkholtz andEbersdorf stadials and to the Oerel Interstadial. The lack of till or till residua above the Eemian–Vistulian deposits at Kubłowo indicatesthis area as being beyond the extent of the last Scandinavian ice sheet which confirms the reconstruction of the LGM limit as based ongeomorphological evidence.


Central Poland; Eemian Interglacial; Early Vistulian and Plenivistulian; lacustrine and peat deposits; pollen analysis; palynostratigraphy

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