New stratigraphic and isotope data on the Kimmeridgian–Volgian boundarybeds of the Subpolar Urals, Western Siberia

Mikhail A. Rogov, Gregory D. Price


A review and new data regarding the ammonite faunas and biostratigraphy of the uppermost Kimmeridgian–lowermost Volgian of theSubpolar Urals are presented. The combined ranges of almost all ammonite genera in the lowermost Volgian of the Subpolar Urals supports the traditional point of view regarding the equivalence of the Magnum Zone with the two lowermost Bolonian Zones and with thebulk of the Klimovi Zone. This stratigraphic interpretation permits the stable isotope data (carbon and oxygen) derived from associatedbelemnites to be presented in context. The isotopic records from the belemnites suggest that the lower Volgian sediments of the YatriaRiver, Subpolar Ural Mountains were deposited in a warm marine environment consistent with a warm high latitude scenario. If reducedsalinites are invoked apparent temperatures are lowered by ~5°C, but still remain well above freezing and are relatively warm comparedto some recent modelled estimates of Late Jurassic ocean temperatures.


Kimmeridgian; Volgian; ammonite biostratigraphy; belemnites; oxygen isotopes

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