New approach to garnet redistribution during aeolian transport

Lenka Lisá, David Buriánek, Pavel Uher


Garnet composition within Late Pleistocene (Weichselian) loess and loess-like deposits was studied in 13 samples of sediment heavy mineral fractions from Moravia and Silesia (Czech Republic). Four areas differing in garnet chemistry were identified, and some regional trends in garnet composition changes were documented. The data obtained support the generally accepted conclusion of prevailing westerly winds during Weichselian loess deposition. Metamorphic rocks of the Bohemian Massif together with contributions from igneous (mainly granitic) and sedimentary rocks were indicated as a source for the Weichselian loess and loess-like deposits studied. Local differences in garnet composition depend on the basement source rocks, on prevailing wind direction, on regional geomorphology and on transport distance.


Weichselian; Pleistocene; Czech Republic; aeolian sediments; garnet composition; provenance

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