New data on the late Badenian-Sarmatian deposits of the Nowy Sącz Basin (Magura Nappe, Polish Outer Carpathians) and their palaeogeographical implications

Marta Oszczypko-Clowes, Nestor Oszczypko, Antoni Wójcik


In the Nowy Sącz Basin, newly exposed Middle Miocene deposits have been studied and sampled in the Kamienica Nawojowska, Poprad and Dunajec rivers. The calcareous nannoplankton of the freshwater to marine deposits was examined. Pale grey and brown clayey shales with plant remains and thin seams of lignite represent the freshwater deposits of the Biegonice Formation. These deposits pass upwards into ca. 50 m thick packet of brackish and marine deposits, represented mainly by dark marly shales with bivalves and gastropods of the Iwkowa and Niskowa formations. These deposits contain relatively rich late Badenian to Sarmatian calcareous nannoplakton (NN6/7 Zone).


Middle Miocene; freshwater and marine deposits; lithostratigraphy; calcareous nannoplakton

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