Estimation of inorganic carbon sources in groundwater recharge by inverse geochemical modelling (Carboniferous aquifer, the Intra-Sudetic Basin, SW Poland)

Dariusz Dobrzyński


Geochemical modelling was applied in quantification of chemical reactions responsible for the chemistry of groundwater in the recharge zone of a Carboniferous aquifer (the Sudety Mts., SW Poland). Calculation of the contribution of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) sources allowed estimation of the initial radiocarbon activity in the recharge to groundwater. The 14 C activity calculated upon the results of geochemical modelling is consistent with the 14 C activity measured in groundwater. Geochemical modelling can be applied for estimation of the initial 14 C activity in recharge water as well as the 14 C activity in groundwater along the flow path. Methods of geochemical modelling have an advantage over empirical methods because they combine the effects of various chemical reactions occurring in the geochemical system.


Poland; Sudety Mts.; inverse geochemical modelling; radiocarbon activity; groundwater chemistry

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