The stratigraphy of the Oligocene deposits from the Ropa tectonic window (Grybów Nappe, Western Carpathians, Poland)

Marta Oszczypko-Clowes


The Ropa tectonic window of the Magura Nappe is composed of Oligocene deposits that belong to the Grybów Nappe. The youngest deposits of the Ropa tectonic window are correlated with calcareous nannoplanton zones NP24 and NP25. The NP24 zone interval was determined in the Sub-Grybów Beds and in the Grybów Marl Formation, whereas the Krosno (Cergowa) Beds belong to zone NP25. This age determination corresponds well with that of other Magura Nappe tectonic windows and also with the southern part of the Silesian and Dukla nappes. The facies and age of the Krosno Beds from the Grybów succession record the termination of Fore-Magura basins. The Grybów Nappe deposits in the Ropa tectonic window are overthrust by Cretaceous-Eocene formations of the Magura Nappe.


Western Carpathians; Grybów Nappe; Oligocene; calcareous nannoplancton

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