Givetian and early Frasnian conodonts from the Compte section (Middle-Upper Devonian, Spanish Central Pyrenees)

Jau-Chyn Liao, José I. Valenzuela-Ríos


The Givetian and Frasnian conodont succession investigated in the Compte section (Spanish Pyrenees) is subdivided into nine Givetian standard conodont zones and two Frasnian zones (MN zones). This succession allows precise identification of the lower/middle Givetian, middle/upper Givetian and of the Givetian-Frasnian boundaries by means of index conodonts. The joint entry of Mesotaxis falsiovalis and Skeletognathus norrisi in the same bed shows local isochroneity of the beginning of the falsiovalis and norrisi zones in the latest Givetian. In the earliest Frasnian the sequence of Ancyrodella pristina, A. soluta and A. rotundiloba is observed whilst A. binodosa is lacking. The conodont assemblages consist of key species of the following nine genera: Polygnathus, Icriodus, Tortodus, "Ozarkodina", Schmidtognathus, Klapperina, Mesotaxis, Skeletognathus and Ancyrodella. This is the first conodont report from the Pyrenees showing such a detailed succession of enormous correlation potential.


Devonian; Spanish Pyrenees; conodonts; correlation; zonation; biostratigraphy

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