Conodont-based graphic correlation of upper Givetian-Frasnian sections of the Eastern Anti-Atlas (Morocco)

Sofie Gouwy, Joanna Haydukiewicz, Pierre Bultynck


A high-resolution correlation of ten upper Givetian-Frasnian sections spread over the different facies environments of the Eastern Anti-Atlas (Morocco) is established using graphic correlation. The measured stratigraphic ranges of eighty-five conodont taxa have been assembled into a chronostratigraphic framework. The developed regional composite subdivides the Frasnian into 501 composite standard units (CSU) based on the original thickness of the reference section (Bou Tchrafine). This is a higher resolution than obtained by the classic biozone correlation. Based on the conodont data available for this correlation project, the jamieae and Lower rhenana zones could not be recognised in the sections.


Morocco; Devonian; conodonts; graphic correlation

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