Hydrodynamic and hydrochemical conditions in the Wda and Mątawa River catchments (NW Poland)

Jolanta Kachnic, Marek Kachnic


The paper focuses on the problem of groundwater "ages" in the Pleistocene aquifers of the Wda and Mątawa River catchments. Groundwater residence time in the rocky environment of sandur areas was estimated with two methods i.e.: numerical modelling along the two lines of cross-sections and an isotope method (18 O, 2 H, 3 H) for 6 samples. Chemical parameters (TDS, Cl) confirm the general trends of enriching water mineralization along the flow path in the sandur aquifer, as well as during infiltration towards the deeper aquifers.


sandur aquifer; water "age"; groundwater chemistry; numerical modelling

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