Palynostratigraphy of the Mississippian Łobżonka Formation of Western Pomerania (NW Poland)

Elżbieta Turnau, Aleksandra Trzepierczyńska, Aleksander Protas


Miospore assemblages from the Łobżonka Formation from three boreholes situated in the Laska-Czaplinek zone in Western Pomerania represent the lower part of the Lycospora pusilla (Pu) Biozone established for that area. An assemblage from one sample may represent this zone or the preceding Prolycospora claytonii (Cl) Biozone. This indicates that the sequences investigated may be attributed to the lower Viséan, and that the lower part of one of these may represent the uppermost Tournaisian. It is suggested that the part of the Łobżonka Formation studied is the lateral equivalent of the lower (but not the lowermost) part of the Drzewiany Formation of the Koszalin-Wierzchowo zone.


Pomerania; Tournaisian; Viséan; palynostratigraphy

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