The Lower Muschelkalk crinoids from Raciborowice, North-Sudetic Basin, SW Poland

Edward Głuchowski, Mariusz Salamon


Five Middle Triassic crinoid taxa: Eckicrinus radiatus (Schauroth, 1859), Holocrinus acutangulus (Meyer, 1847), H. dubius (Goldfuss, 1831), Dadocrinus sp. and Encrinidae gen. et sp. indet., from the North-Sudetic Basin, are described. The occurrence of Eckicrinus radiatus (Schauroth) is reported in the area for the first time. Based on the stratigraphic distribution of the crinoids, the ranges of three crinoid zones (Dadocrinus Zone, acutangulus Zone and dubius Zone) have been constrained. A modified correlation between the Lower Muschelkalk deposits of the North-Sudetic Basin, Upper Silesia and the Holy Cross Mountains is proposed.


North-Sudetic Basin; Triassic; Muschelkalk; crinoids

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