Baseline element concentrations in soils and plant bioindicators of selected national parks of Poland

Zdzisław M. Migaszewski, Agnieszka Gałuszka, Piotr Pasławski


This report presents an assessment of chemical variability in forest ecosystems of three selected national parks in Poland, i.e. Magurski National Park, Świętokrzyski National Park (Holy Cross Mts.) and Wigierski National Park derived from the calculation of geochemical baselines using a "barbell" cluster and ANOVA design. In addition, results of summary statistics for elemental concentrations and pH in the soil horizons-O (Ol + Ofh), -A and -B (or -E), 1 and 2 year old Pinus sylvestris needles, pine bark and Hypogymnia physodes thalli are given. The variability of elements in soils and plant bioindicators of Wigierski National Park is primarily governed by underlying glacial sediments and to a lesser extent by anthropogenic factors; the two remaining parks reveal a more distinct anthropogenic imprint. The most interesting of all the parks examined is Wigierski National Park because this area has experienced low levels of air pollution compared to other parts of Poland.


Poland; Magurski; Świętokrzyski and Wigierski national parks; elements; soils; rocks; plant bioindicators

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