A dinosaur track association from the Early Jurassic deltaic deposits of Podole near Opatów, Poland

Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki, Grzegorz Pieńkowski


Middle Hettangian (Early Jurassic) deltaic deposits of the Skłoby Formation exposed at Podole near Opatów (eastern part of the Holy Cross Mts. area, Central Poland) revealed new specimens of dinosaur tracks. Four ichnospecies: Anchisauripus sp., Kayentapus sp., Parabrontopodus sp., and cf. Anomoepus sp. were identified. The new finds suggest that the deltaic (delta-plain) association of dinosaurs is characterised by dominance of low-browsing thyreophorans accompanied by juvenile sauropods and medium- to large sized theropods.


Poland; Holy Cross Mts.; Lower Jurassic; delta-plain deposits; dinosaur tracks

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