Gamma-ray and magnetic susceptibility correlation across a Frasnian carbonate platform and the search for "punctata" equivalents in stromatoporoid-coral limestone facies of Moravia

Milan Gersl, Jindřich Hladil


A comparison of the HV-105 Křtiny g-ray log (carbonate platform margin and proximal slope, thickness of Frasnian beds ~270 m) with the three times thinner g-ray spectrometric section from Mokrá (inner platform, Frasnian ~93.5 m) has significantly increased the reliability of stratigraphic correlation between the outer and inner platform areas, i.e. it has allowed strengthening of the detailed links between conodont-bearing and barren sequences. The detailed g-ray and magnetic susceptibility patterns also provide promising clues which might help trace the "~punctata Zone" stratigraphic equivalents, located far in the interior of the platform stromatoporoid-coral facies.


Moravian Karst; Devonian; limestones; stratigraphy; natural gamma-ray activity; magnetic susceptibility

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