Main climatic changes in the Quaternary of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine

Leszek Lindner, Petro Gozhik, Barbara Marciniak, Leszek Marks, Yadviga Yelovicheva


26 units are described and correlated, representing the main climatic episodes during the Quaternary in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. They comprise 13 cool and 13 warm intervals. The four oldest ones are Różcian (Olkhovskian, Siver), Ponurzycian (Grushevskian, Beregovo), Otwockian (Vselubskian, Berezan) and Celestynovian (Yelenynskian, Kryzhaniv); these correspond to Praetiglian, Tiglian, Eburonian and Menapian, respectively of the Early Pleistocene in the Netherlands. In Poland this part of the Quaternary is named the Pre-Glacial or the Pre-Pleistocene. The Mid and Late Quaternary (the glacial epoch in Europe) comprises 11 glaciations or global coolings, namely the Narevian in Poland (Zhlobynskian, Ilyichivsk), the younger pre-Augustovian (Rogachevian 1/2, Shirokino 1/2), Augustovian 1/2 (Rogachevian 2/3, Shirokino 2/3), Nidanian (Narevian in Belarus, Pryazovsk), Sanian 1 (Servetskian, Sula), Ferdynandovian 1/2 (Belovezhian 1/2, Lubny 1/2), Sanian 2 (Berezinian, Tiligul), Liviecian (Orel), Krznanian (Dnieper 1), Odranian+Wartanian (Dnieperian+Sozhian, Dnieper 2 = Tyasmyn), Vistulian (Poozerian, Valday); and 10 interglacials or global warmings: early pre-Augustovian (Rogachevian 1, Shirokino 1), Augustovian 1 (Rogachevian 2, Shirokino 2), Augustovian 2 (Rogachevian 3, Shirokino 3), Małopolanian (Korchevian, Martonosha), Ferdynandovian 1 (Belovezhian 1, Lubny 1), Ferdynandovian 2 (Belovezhian 2, Lubny 2), Mazovian (Alexandrian, Zavadivka), Zbójnian (Smolenskian, Potagaylivka), Lubavian (Shklovian, Kaydaky), Eemian (Muravian, Pryluky) and Holocene. All these units are correlated with oxygen isotope stages identified in deep-sea sediments, shown relative to the palaeomagnetic epochs and correlated with main cool and warm stratigraphic units of Western Europe. Particular attention was placed on correlation of glacial and lake deposits, loesses and palaeosols.


Poland; Belarus; Ukraine; Quaternary; glaciations and coolings; interglacials and warmings; loess; palaeosols

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