Palynostratigraphy of the Culm deposits of the Moravian-Silesian zone (Poland) at Toszek Castle Hill

Aleksandra Trzepierczyńska


The Early Carboniferous age of the flysch succession in the Moravian-Silesian zone has been based principally on lithological correlations with the stratotype goniatite-bearing section. Its uppermost part -- the Kyjovice Formation in the region of Toszek (Poland) -- has been studied palynologically for the first time. Miospore assemblages of the upper part of the Western European nitidus-carnosus (NC) miospore Zone of the early Serpukhovian have been distinguished. This agrees well with a general stratigraphic range of the Kyjovice Formation within the Gog-E1a goniatite zones.


Moravian-Silesian zone; Culm; flysch; palynostratigraphy; miospores; Serpukhovian

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