The problem of the Last Glaciation extent in Central Poland

Joanna Petera, Jacek Forysiak


The maximum extent of the last ice sheet near Konin, Koło and Turek has been controversial. Investigations carried out in the Warta River has shed light on this problem. The Krzyżówki, KoYmin and Smulsko sites show fluvial deposits laid down in an extraglacial, periglacial environment during the Vistulian Glaciation. The northernmost site, Krzyżówki, shows an influence of proglacial waters, expressed by the supply of fluvioglacial material. The findings suggest that the last ice sheet did not overpass the Berlin-Warsaw Pradolina east of Konin and thus did not enter the Turek Plateau or the Uniejów Basin.


eastern Wielkopolska Lowland; Last Glaciation; maximum extent; extraglacial deposits

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