A new ceratite record from Upper Silesia (Poland)

Mariusz Salamon, Michael K. Eagle, Robert Niedźwiedzki


A new ceratite locality from Gołuchowice (Upper Silesia, Poland) is described. Ceratites from the spinosus group found there include Ceratites (Acanthoceratites) cf. praespinosus, found for the first time in Upper Silesia. Five ceratite zones are proposed for that region: pulcher, robustus, compressus, evolutus and spinosus. The taxonomic compositions of individual ceratite zones from Upper Silesia are almost identical to those of corresponding zones from the Holy Cross Mountains. However, ceratite zones in Poland show lower taxonomic diversity than their equivalents in Germany.


Upper Silesia; Triassic; Muschelkalk; ceratites

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