The Late Saalian, Eemian and Early Vistulian pollen sequence at Dziewule, eastern Poland

Krzysztof Bińka, Jerzy Nitychoruk


A relatively undisturbed pollen sequence from the Late Saalian-Eemian-Early Vistulian interval has been discovered in Dziewule in the Podlasie region, eastern Poland. Geological and palynological investigations are used to illustrate the evolution of Eemian climate, which, at this site, shows no large-scale and abrupt oscillations. Almost full interglacial conditions are already present from the early part of the sequence (the end of the boreal Betula-Pinus Zone). Thermophilous indicator plants (e.g. Viburnum lantana, Cornus mas, Cotinus coggygria -- newly found in the Eemian of Poland) show their maximum occurrence in the second half of the Quercus Zone and in the Corylus Zone, marking the climatic optimum of the interglacial. We found no signs of substantial climate fluctuations in the Carpinus Zone suggested by some authors.


Eemian; palynology; climate change

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