Middle Ordovician bryozoa from the Podlasie-Brest Depression (Belarussian part): suborders Ceramoporina, Esthonioporina, Amplexoporina, Halloporina

Victor Pushkin


Bryozoa (23 species) from many boreholes in the Belarussian part of the Podlasie-Brest Depression and some adjacent areas of the East European Platform are described. Only bryozoa from the orders Cystoporida (suborder Ceramoporina) and Trepostomida (suborders Esthonioporina, Amplexoporina and Halloporina) are represented. Four species and one family are described as new. The genera Anolotichiina Pushkin, 1992 and Minutolunaria Pushkin, 1992 are redescribed. The species described occur in the Llanvirn (Azeri-Kukruse Regional stages) and Caradoc (Idavere-Oandu Regional stages). The results support the hypothesis that the study area represented an independent biogeographical region of the Baltic province, corresponding to the Brest-Volyn confacies during the Llanvirn and Caradoc.


Podlasie-Brest Depression; Ordovician; bryozoa; taxonomy; biogeography

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