Geological development of the Nemunas River Delta and adjacent areas, West Lithuania

Albertas Bitinas, Aldona Damusytė, Miglė Stanšikaitė, Paulius Aleksa


Geological mapping at a scale of 1:50 000 of the Lithuanian Maritime region has recently been focused on the delta of the Nemunas River and its surroundings. Pollen, diatom and mollusc analyses, lithological investigations, and radiocarbon and optically stimulated luminescence dates have enabled stratigraphic correlation of the Late Glacial and Holocene deposits which make up this delta. Palaeogeographical reconstructions of the southern part of the Lithuanian Maritime region during the maximum extent of the Baltic Ice Lake (~12 000-11 200 years BP), the Ancylus Lake (~8 700-8 500 years BP), the Litorina Sea (~6 100 years BP) and the Post-Litorina Sea (~4 000 years BP) have been made. A geological and geomorphological model of the Nemunas River Delta and its adjacent areas has been constructed. Our results suggest that that part of Nemunas River Delta in Lithuania is very young, having formed during the last 1 000-1 100 years.


Lithuanian Maritime region; Nemunas Delta; Late Glacial; Holocene; geochronology; palaeogeography

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