Geophysical VLF prospecting for vein-type gold-bearing polymetallic sulphide deposits in the Sudetes (SW Poland)

Stanisław Zbigniew Mikulski, Szymon Ostrowski


The abandoned historic gold mining areas in the Sudetes are prospective for vein-type sulphide and gold deposits. The applied VLF geophysical survey showed a number of linear anomalies indicating the possibility of occurrence of the unknown quartz-sulphide ore veins in the areas of former mining exploitation of gold and arsenic in the Klecza-Radomice Ore District and As-polymetallic sulphides in the Czarnów deposit. These areas are very promising for further prospecting for auriferous polymetallic sulphide ore. Shallow drilling campaign is postulated in order to verify the ore potential of the recorded VLF anomalies.


gold; gold-bearing sulphides; VLF survey; Klecza-Radomice; Czarnów; Sudetes

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