Geomorphometric features and distribution of the loess covers in the Lublin Region

Leszek Gawrysiak, Renata Kołodyńska-Gawrysiak


The study presents a new, accurate map of the distribution of loess patches in eastern Poland, developed on the basis of publications, geological maps and a high-resolution (1 m) digital terrain model (DTM). Seventy-two lobes were mapped, for the surfaces of which basic morphometric characteristics (mean height, local relief, slope, slope range) were calculated based on the DTM. The morphology of the patches was portrayed via geomorphons-geomorphometric features representing 10 basic landform elements. A map of the geomorphons and their morphometric features were used to analyse the similarity of the patches’ morphology using Kendall’s Tau correlation and hierarchical clustering, represented by a dendrogram and heat map. As a result, 3 groups of patches with different morphometric features were distinguished. The results obtained characterize in detail the morphological differentiation of loess covers of eastern Poland and will form the basis for further studies determining the evolution of loess cover relief.


loess covers, geomorphometric features, geomorphons, loess relief, similarity

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