Geological and geomorphological conditions of landslide development in the Wisła source area of the Silesian Beskid mountains (Outer Carpathians, southern Poland)

Rafał Sikora


The Silesian Beskid mountains (Outer Western Carpathians) are affected by landslides, many being large, of rocky character and with clearly visible relief. I provide a new morphostructural analysis of mountain relief and landslide development, based on detailed field mapping and spatial analysis of a digital terrain model based on LiDAR data. The index of landslide occurrence was calculated at 22.57%. The basic geometrical features of the landslides mapped may be related to the morphostructure of the study area. Factors influencing long and wide landslides include lithology, slopes relative to stratal orientation, and developmental trends, while wide landslides are of frontal type. Tectonic structures are important controls on landslide shape.


landslides; frontal landslides; lithological control; Silesian Beskid; Outer Carpathians

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