Castoridae (Rodentia) from the Villafranchian site of Węże 2 in southern Poland

Michał Czernielewski


Several isolated teeth and jaw fragments of beavers (Rodentia: Castoridae), discovered at the Villafranchian (MN 16b?) site of Węże 2 in southern Poland, are attributable to two species: Dipoides ex gr. problematicus-sigmodus and Trogontherium (Euroxenomys) minus. The genus Dipoides and the species Trogontherium (Euroxenomys) minus have not previously been reported from Poland. Their presence at the Węże 2 site suggests that these lesser-known and extinct representatives of the Castoridae were adapted to similar conditions as the modern species (Castor fiber and C. canadensis).


Villafranchian; rodents; beavers; Węże; karst

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