Karst relief of the Mali me Gropa Massif, central Albania

Viacheslav Andreychouk, Romeo Eftimi, Jerzy Nita, Alexander Klimchouk


The mid-altitude mountain massif of Mali me Gropa is located in the central part of Albania, rises to an altitude of 1500–1800 m a.s.l., is composed mostly of Mesozoic limestone, and is characterized by extensive surface karst development. The karst relief is dominated by “doline” morphology including “polygonal” karst. Detailed geomorphological analysis of the western part of the Mali me Gropa massif (so-called Western Massif) by means of GIS methods is used to determine and explain the morphometric and morphological diversity of the area’s topography. Based on a homogeneity criterion, a number of geomorphological units with specific kinds of karst relief have been distinguished within the massif. The differences in karst sculpture concern the size (diameter) of dolines and depressions, their depth, shape and symmetry, orientation, density of occurrence and spatial pattern, which provide the basis for distinguishing geomorphological units. The spatial differentiation of the karst relief is explained by the influence of factors which are evolutionary (geological and geomorphological evolution of the massif), hypsometric (altitude difference of terrains) and geomorphologic-structural (inclination of the slopes and layers). The relatively poor expression of open karst conduits (i.e. caves and vertical shafts) on the surface of the massif may result from the relative immaturity of the epikarst zone, the widespread occurrence of residual cover on the plateau, and the accumulation of large amounts of clay material in dolines and depressions. Detailed hydrogeological studies show, however, high karst permeability and dominance of conduit flow. Considering the high geomorphological landscape and ecological value of the area, it should be granted the status of a nature reserve or national park. Geomorphological and karstological research within the massif should be continued as it represents a type of karst found also in other parts of Albania. This type of karst area is of great economic (groundwater reserves) and natural protection (environmental) importance.



karst geomorphology; mountain karst; central Albania; Mali me Gropa massif

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