An Oligocene olistostrome with exotic clasts in the Silesian Nappe (Outer Ukrainian Carpathians, Uzh River Basin)

Oleh Hnylko, Svitlana Hnylko, Larysa Heneralova, Maria Tsar


In the Ukrainian part of the Silesian Nappe (Outer Carpathians, Uzh River Basin) the exotic clast-bearing Uzhok Olistostrome (up to 60 m thick) occurs within the Oligocene Krosno Formation and underlies the Pikui Sandstone (Otryt Sandstone in Poland). The Uzhok Olistostrome consists of debris/grain/mud flow deposits with clasts of schist and bioclastic limestone. These deposits contain redeposited pelagic sediments with planktonic foraminifers including Parogloborotalia pseudocontinuosa (Jenkins), Ciperoella ciperoensis (Bolli), Globoturborotalita woodi (Jenkins), Chiloguembelina adriatica Premec Fucek, Hernitz Kucenjak and Huber. The age of the Uzhok Olistostrome based on planktonic foraminifers correlates with the middle Oligocene within the middle O2–O5 zones. The source area for the Uzhok Olistostrome and Pikui Sandstone was a mid-Oligocene intrabasinal palaeouplift (the Pikui Ridge) interpreted as the fore-bulge located in the Silesian Sub-basin ahead the emerging Outer Carpathian accretionary prism (including the Dukla Nappe and other West Carpathian inner flysch nappes).



Ukrainian Carpathians; Silesian Nappe; Oligocene; olistostrome; foraminifers; biostratigraphy; palaeogeography

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