Middle Triassic syntectonic sedimentation and volcanic influence in the central part of the External Dinarides, Croatia (Velebit Mts.)

Duje Smirčić, Dunja Aljinović, Uroš Barudžija, Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek


Middle Triassic deposits in the Velebit Mts. of the External Dinarides in Croatia show strong differentiation of sedimentary environments and facies. In the area of Donje Pazarište, a 90 metre thick section includes six different facies, each with its specific genetic characteristics (Flysch-like Facies; Carbonate Shale Facies; Pyroclastic Density Current Facies; Platy Limestone with Pyroclastics Facies; Limestone Breccia Facies and Slumped Limestones with Pyroclastics and Chert Facies). In the same area, in the nearby Top of Donje Pazarište section, a Pyroclastic Flow Facies was defined, and this was also recognized ~15 km to south-east, in the area of Brušane Village, in the foothills of Vinac. Throughout the area and section investigated, the effects of intense tectonic and volcanic activity can be traced. The pronounced differences in the facies determined facies are interpreted as consequences of syntectonic and volcanically influenced sedimentation in a graben/half-graben depositional system.


External Dinarides, Velebit Mts., syn-tectonic deposition, Middle Triassic, volcaniclastics, facies

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