Delineation of ore zones using the concentration–volume fractal method in the Dagh Dali Zn-Pb (±Au) prospect, north of Takab (Iran)

Zahra Yekani Motlag, Ali Imamalipour, Habibollah Bazdar


The Dagh Dali Zn-Pb (±Au) hydrothermal prospect is located in the north-west of Iran. Identification of mineralized zones is essential in ore deposit exploration. Different methods have been developed and applied to separate mineralized zones from barren host rocks based on mineralogical and petrographical studies, alteration and host rock changes as well as statistical and geostatistical parameters. This study uses the ordinary kriging technique and the concentration-volume fractal (C-V) method to model the ore body and recognize the ore grade distribution. These techniques were applied on the drillcore data and C-V fractal modelling, values of various ore zones being determined. Four breakpoints were found in the log-log plots which correspond to concentrations of 5.4, 10.5, and 17.8 wt.% Zn. The extractable ore zone for Zn is considered to be in the concentration range of 5.4 to 17.8 wt.%. Compared to the amount of reserve obtained from the geostatistical method (303,685 tons), it seems that the fractal method is more precise and accurate in the estimation of ore reserves.


Ore zones, Concentration-volume (C-V) fractal method, Kriging, Micromine software, Dagh Dali.

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