Seismically-induced soft-sediment deformation in crevasse-splay microdelta deposits (Middle Miocene, central Poland) – reply

Lilianna Chomiak, Piotr Maciaszek, Robert Wachocki, Marek Widera, Tomasz Zieliński


We expected that our paper on the crevasse-splay microdelta (Chomiak et al., 2019) would arouse the interest of other researchers for at least two reasons. First, this is the first such palaeoform discovered and described within the Mid-Miocene lignite seam in Poland. Second, the microdelta siliciclastic deposits are strongly deformed both ductile and brittle. Therefore, we would like to thank Tom van Loon for his effort to comment on our article, including his words of appreciation, and above all, for pointing out some of the terminological and interpretative shortcomings. Our reply will be in line with the issues discussed in his comment.


tectonic graben; lignite seam; SSDS; domino structures; tectonics; seismics

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