Seismically induced soft-sediment deformation in crevasse-splay microdelta deposits (Middle Miocene, central Poland) – comment

Antonius Johannes van Loon


The Miocene succession of crevasse-splay microdelta deposits in the Jóźwin IIB lignite opencast mine contains some aspects that are more interesting than Chomiak et al. (2019) seem to realize in their analysis of the sediments and the soft-sediment deformation structures that they contain. Moreover, the authors use a terminology that is not completely adequate, leaving some questions about the precise seismic process that induced the deformation structures. Both aspects are detailed in this comment. The interpretation of the deformation structures presented here may change the insight into the tectonic history of the graben in which the study area is located.


soft-sediment deformation structures; domino boudinage; seismites

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