CO2 sorption properties of selected lithotypes of lignite from Polish deposits

Barbara Bielowicz, Paweł Baran


Sorption studies, to determine the CO2 sorption capacity of coal, were carried out using eight ortho-lignite samples of different lithotypes, to investigate the possibility of CO2 storage in lignite deposits. Equations determining a number of parameters and indicators used to delineate the experimental data and to differentiate the samples examined include: Langmuir isotherms; the Dubinin-Radushkevich (DR) equation that describes the theory of volume filling of micropores; and the Brunauer, Emmett and Teller (BET) equation used to calculate the volume and surface area of a monolayer. The results obtained were compared with the petrographic composition and ultimate and proximate analysis of lignite. There is a large correlation between sorption and petrographic composition, a positive impact of the Gelification Index on the sorption process and a clear relationship between the sorption (Langmuir and DR) and ash content. The best CO2 sorption properties were found for xylo-detritic and detro-xylitic lignites. Based on the tests carried out, a preliminary assessment of the suitability of lignite for CO2 storage can be made.


sorption CO2; lignite; Gelification Index; maceral composition

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