Pore pressure profiling in Siercza landslide colluvium in the Carpathian flysch using a Cone Penetration Test (CPTU)

Jacek Stanisz, Zenon Pilecki


This study identifies zones with significant changes in pore water pressure influenced by landslide processes. Measurements were taken in the near-surface strata of the Carpathian flysch, in colluvium of the Siercza landslide, near Kraków. Measurement of pore water pressure in flysch deposits is complicated due to the strongly heterogeneous properties of the medium and by variable water conditions, which are strongly influenced by rainfall intensity. Pore pressure profiling was performed in six series using a cone penetration test with a NOVA Acoustic cone. The tests were carried out in the colluvium to a depth of ~6.0 m under varying water conditions. The cone pore pressure results were compared to results of inclinometer measurements in the research area. Five zones with significant differences in pore pressure have been identified. Changes in both cone pore pressure and inclinometer displacement are evident at a depth range from 1.5 to 2.5 m. Two slip surfaces are likely present in this section. Such information can be used in engineering practice for more reliable assessment of slope stability in the Carpathian flysch


pore presure, inclinometer displacement, landslide, Carpathian flysch

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