High-resolution 3D geological model of the bauxite-bearing area Crvene Stijene (Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and its application in ongoing research and mining

Ivica Pavičić, Ivan Dragičević, Ivona Ivkić


Three-dimensional (3D) geological models are useful tools in various geological, mining and other engineering activities. Geological model shows stratigraphic, structural and lithologic settings of the study area in 3D space, and serves as a 3D geodatabase for a variety of input data. The study area is one of the bauxite-bearing sites, Crvene Stijene, near Jajce (Bosnia and Herzegovina). During the last decades, a number of geological, geodetic, mining and other data were collected through intensive geological research and mining (exploration), with the aim of finding and exploiting bauxite deposits. Therefore, selected area is a great polygon for the implementing and testing of workflow for the construction of a 3D geological model of bauxite-bearing field and its application in current and future research and mining. Presented workflow includes collection, digitalization, organization and visualization for different types of existing and new data (600 boreholes, geological maps and cross-sections, DEM, structural measurements from the surface, as well as in tunnels and adits) in 3D geological database. For this study, different types of geological objects, fault planes and geological surfaces were modelled with different interpolation algorithms. The constructed model is interactive and it can be easily updated by new input data from current research and exploitation activities: boreholes, underground mining objects, etc. The 3D geological model represents a relevant foundation for planning new research and mining activities. Furthermore, newly found deposits and their volumes can be quickly modelled, contoured and calculated. Presented modelling workflow is applicable to other areas and other mineral resources


3D Geological Modelling, Ordinary Kriging, Bauxites, Midland Valley Move, Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7306/gq.1396


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