A new magnetic anomaly map of Poland and its contribution to the recognition of crystalline basement rocks

Zdzisław Petecki, Olga Rosowiecka


Magnetic total field measurements acquired in Poland between 1974 and 2011 have been compiled in a new digital database that provides a complete picture of magnetic anomalies of the country. The data compilation and further processing procedures used to create the magnetic anomaly database and maps that accompany this article are briefly summarized. The reduced-to-the-pole and pseudogravity anomaly maps were computed to accurately locate anomalies above their causative bodies as well as to simplify anomaly patterns and emphasize principal magnetic domains within the basement. An interpretation of the magnetic maps reveals a lot of magnetic basement provinces and domains indicating basement division into blocks and structural elements, which are important for understanding the regional tectonic setting of Poland.


magnetometry; Earth’s total magnetic field map; pseudogravity; crystalline basement; Poland

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7306/gq.1383


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