The analysis of factors influencing the dynamics of lowland riverbed erosion downstream of the Jeziorsko reservoir dam (central Poland)

Agnieszka Smaga, Jędrzej Wierzbicki, Michał Wierzbicki, Mateusz Hämmerling, Robert Radaszewski


Increased riverbed erosion could recently be observed in close vicinity of hydrotechnical constructions in many lowland rivers. The immediate effect of erosion in this case is a very significant reduction of the riverbed level over a considerable distance, downstream of large reservoir dams. This process is influenced simultaneously by both hydraulics of river flow and geotechnical properties of soil eroded. The paper presents an analysis of parametric changes in the level of river bottom and grain size of bed material, and the relative density in the context of changes in hydrological conditions and diversity of engineering-geological conditions. As the result, a multiparametric model of erosional potential of riverbed sediments has been proposed, which can significantly help in proper planning of locations and construction of correction thresholds under given hydraulic conditions of the river.


river erosion; geotechnical parameters; hydro technical constructions; physical model

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