Pseudothurmanniid ammonites from quarries near Lietavská Lúčka and their stratigraphical significance (Late Hauterivian, Central Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

Zdenek Vasicek, Ondrej Malek


Pseudothurmanniid ammonites within Upper Hauterivian calcareous deposits are present in quarries on Polomec Hill near the village of Lietavská Lúčka, Slovakia. These deposits belong to the Mráznica Formation of the Krížna Nappe that is a part of the Fatricum Unit in the Central Western Carpathians. Nine ammonite species are described in detail, one of which, Binelliceras michalíki, is new. The species identified indicate the Upper Hauterivian Balearis and Ohmi ammonite zones. The zone of the uppermost Hauterivian, Catulloi Zone, is not documented as far as pseudothurmanniid ammonites are concerned. The lack of developmentally younger representatives of the pseudothurmanniid ammonites neither in the studied locality, nor in other Slovak localities, is explained by marked changes in the northern Tethyan margin in Europe during the latest Hauterivian.


ammonites; taxonomy; stratigraphy; Hauterivian; Western Carpathians

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