The first microfossil record of ichthyofauna from the Naujoji Akmenė Formation (Lopingian), Karpėnai Quarry, North Lithuania

Darja Dankina, Artur Chahud, Sigitas Radzevičius, Andrej Spiridonov


The assemblage of rare fish microremains of chondrichthyans and actinopterygians from Upper Permian deposits in Karpėnai Quarry in northern Lithuania is described in detail for the first time. The deposits are characterized as reflecting a rapid phase of deposition of the Zechstein Limestone, interpreted as on a shallow shelf above storm-wave base in a proximal part of the Polish-Lithuanian Zechstein Basin. The actinopterygian microremains are represented by various teeth and a few scales from mostly palaeonisciforms and pycnodontiforms. The chondrichthyans are represented by various euselachian-type scales and a tooth of ?Helodus sp. The low abundance and low species diversity of the fossil assemblages studied may be due to arid palaeoenvironments that caused locally restricted conditions at this palaeogeographical location


Chondrichtyans, osteichthyans, Late Permian, Zechstein Basin, North Lithuania

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