Older and Younger Holsteinian climate oscillations in the palaeobotanical record of the Brus profile (SE Poland)

Anna Hrynowiecka, Irena A. Pidek


A pollen sequence of Holsteinian/Mazovian age known since the 1980s in Brus (Western Polesie) is the second site with a plant macrofossil record in eastern Poland. High sedimentation rates in a palaeolake that functioned in this area have allowed a detailed climate reconstruction that enabled to trace the Older and Younger Holsteinian oscillations and to outline the water-level changes in the water body. Climate reconstructions, based on full palaeobotanical analyses (pollen and macroremains), were compared with those from Nowiny Żukowskie (Lublin Upland), revealing regional climatic patterns. The two Holsteinian climate oscillations were correlated with those detected in the Dethlingen section of Germany (Koutsodendris et al., 2010), providing more information on the spatial scale of these events.



pollen analysis, macrofossil remains analysis, Mazovian/Holsteinian Interglacial, palaeoecological and climate reconstruction, E Poland

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7306/gq.1358


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