Palaeoecology and sedimentology of the Miocene marine and terrestrial deposits in the “Medieval Quarry” on Devínska Kobyla Hill (Vienna Basin)

Daniel Pivko, Natália Hudáčková, Juraj Hrabovský, Imrich Sládek, Andrej Ruman


Dramatic tectonic and sea level changes of the Central Paratethys realm during the Middle Miocene resulted in changes of the coastal and seabed morphology affecting the composition of the marine association and the distribution of the facies along the coast. Three different episodes (marine-terrestrial-marine) in the environmental evolution are interpreted. A lower marine unit (Badenian; Lower Serravallian) reflects organodetrital sedimentation on and around an algal bioherm. Low terrigenous input maërl facies of typical rhodalgal carbonate factory type characterise the top of the algal mound. On the slopes, a rim of rhodechfor facies separated the bioherm from the rest of the bottom which had a seagrass cover. This high-energy rhodechfor carbonate factory is described from the Central Paratethys realm for the first time. It is composed mostly of coralline algae (Mesophyllum, Lithothamnion, Spongites and Lithophyllum), benthic foraminifers (Elphidium crispum, Neoconorbina terquemi, Miniacina sp., Borelis melo), echinoids (cidaroid, spatangoid and diadematoid groups) and bryozoans. Uplift of the Malé Karpaty Mts. resulted in tectonic activity in the vicinity, documented by the presence of clastic dikes and normal faults in the profile studied. Subsequent fluvial and terrestrial sedimentation is represented by regolith, palaeosoil and channel body deposits set discordantly on the top of lagoonal deposits. Finally, the third episode is represented by the Sarmatian transgressive marine sequence, which is characterized by coarse pebbly deposit eroded from an uplifted pre-Neogene basement. The strata studied originated in a warm temperate climate around the Badenian–Sarmatian transition.


rhodechfor; rhodalgal; palaeoecology; sedimentology; Middle Miocene; Central Paratethys

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