Synsedimentary seismotectonic features in Triassic and Cretaceous sediments of the Intrasudetic Basin (U Devěti křížů locality) – regional implications.

Jurand Wojewoda, Marta Rauch, Aleksander Kowalski


Synsedimentary deformation structures have been recognized in Triassic and Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of the Trutnov Basin, which build a structural and morphological elevation between Červený Kostelec and Upice. Very well preserved sand injection and collapse structures, strike-slip shearings and listric faults occur in the “U Devěti křížů” Quarry. Their shapes and spatial distribution strongly correspond to local tectonic structures within the Intrasudetic Shear Zone (ISZ), especially to the faults which bound the rhomb-shaped depressions and elevations. All these structural sub-units compose the Intrasudetic Basin Suite (IBS). The soft-sediment deformations developed in the shallow subsurface and most likely resulted from the dominantly extensional and strike-slip kinematics within the ISZ



Sudetes; Triassic; Cretaceous; injectites; collapse structures.

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