Magnetostratigraphy of the Oligocene Lower Krosno Beds from the Hulskie section (Outer Carpathians in Poland).

Jerzy Nawrocki, Tomasz Malata, Olga Rosowiecka


The Oligocene flysch sequence from the Hulskie section in the Polish Outer Carpathians was palaeomagnetically examined. The flysch complex containing the Jasło and Zagórze limestone horizons revealed palaeomagnetic properties sufficient for a magnetostratigraphy to be established. The correlation of the local to the global magnetic polarity scale indicates that the Jasło limestone was deposited very close to the Rupelian and Chattian boundary i.e. ca. 28.4 Ma. In the same way, the age of the Zagórze limestone was defined as close to ca. 27.6 Ma. The entire450 mof studied section was formed between ca. 29 and 26.5 Ma. It implies an average sedimentary ratio of about 18 cm per thousand years. The palaeomagnetic directions from the Hulskie section do not display the Fisher type distribution and do not fit the reversal test and therefore cannot be used for any regional tectonic reconstruction.


Outer Western Carpathians, Krosno Beds, magnetostratigraphy

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