A new Triassic-Jurassic section in the southern part of the Holy Cross Mts. (Poland) implications for palaeogeography

Małgorzata Kozłowska, Marcin Barski, Radosław Mieszkowski, Katarzyna Antoszewska


Sedimentological, stratigraphical and geophysical studies across a new Triassic-Jurassic transition section in the Holy Cross Mts., Poland have revealed a large sedimentary hiatus embracing the entire latest Triassic–Early Jurassic – earliest  Middle Jurassic time interval and yielded new data on the Triassic fluvial system and on Middle Jurassic shallow marine sedimentation. The presence of organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts allowed a precise age assignment of the black clay facies. Regional discussions and comparisons may be made with other areas with a similar depositional environment in Poland. For the first time a counterpart of the “Kościeliskie Beds” lithostratigraphic unit is proposed to exist in the Holy Cross Mts. area



sedimentology, fluvial deposits, shallow marine deposits, Middle Jurassic transgression, dinoflagellate cysts, stratigraphy, electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7306/gq.1259


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