Record of climatic changes in the Triassic palynological spectra from Poland

Anna Fijałkowska Mader


Based on quantitative and qualitative analyses of the Triassic miospores assemblages from different regions of Poland climatic changes have been documented. Analyzed material came from the published and archival works of Orłowska-Zwolińska and author and comprised ten palynological zones distinguished in the Triassic of Poland. Two different palynological methods were applied in this study – PPC model and SEG model – to obtain palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmetal data. Xerophytic elements (spores and pollen grains of xerophytic plants), reflecting mainly dry climate conditions, dominated in the palynomorph spectra of the Triassic deposits from Poland. Significant numbers of hygrophytic elements indicating temporary more humid phases occurred in the late Olenekian, Ladinian, the middle Carnian, late Norian and the Rhaetian.


miospores, climate, Triassic,palyno-palaeoclimatic (PPC) model.

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