Nowa flora eoceńska w Tatrach

Władysław Szafer



(Preliminary information)

In October 1957· there has been uncovered, on the bank of the Chabówka creek near Jaszczurówka in the Tatra Mountains, an Eocene profile in which a brown coloured leyer is exposed containing well preserved plants remains. Towards end of October, the Botanical Institute of the Polish Academy of Science in Cracow started collecting specimens of fossill flora, and continues to do so. From the ma-terial hitherto collected it i8 evident that this is going to be the most plentiful and the best preserved Eocene flora of the Tatra Mountains. It is not impossible that, alongside of remains of Eocene flora, there may be found in the new Eocene outcrop of Chabówka creek remains of the contemporaneous fresh-water and terrestrial fauna too. Furthermore, the very character of the Eocene sediments - undoubtedly of fresh-water origin - is highly interesting due to its variety, in the lenticular outcrop of these sediments we find, together with clearly laminated silty-arenaceous deposits, argillaceous and arenaceous beds, and even banks of gravel. Some of them are distinctly thin-stratified, forming something like varved deposits.

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