Uwęglenie pokładów w Górnośląskim Zagłębiu Węglowym

Milan Dopita, Jaroslav Zeman



In their paper the authors present a brief characteristic of the sedimentary and tectonic development of the Upper Silesian Basin, and data on the carbonization of the individual beds  (particularly of seam Prokop in the Ostrava-Karvina region, and of seam Reden, Pochhamer - 510 in the Polish part of the Basin). The authors are of the opinion that there exists a remarkable number of factors causing carbonization, and that these factors assume different features in various regions. Generally speaking, the process of carbonification is based upon the geographical situation of the given seam horizon within the area of sedimentation (more intensive carbonification occurs in geosynclinal areas). In contemplating the degree of carbonization the influence of volcanic action should not be left out of consideration.

In the authors' opinion there does not exist any direct interrelation between degree of carbonification and depth·of a seam - similarly as there is no such relation with regard to the effect of tangential pressures. Hilt's law may be considered fully valid in the vertical profile only (younger horizons seams are less carbonized than older ones), whereas it is not valid in a horizontal profile. In this latter direction there appear marked changes in the features of individual coal seams and in entire beds complexes, depending on the geographical situation of the seams within the range of the area of sedimentation.

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